RAFI OTT partners with JCI Cebu Sinulog for Puno ng Pag-asa

July 23, 2021

Growing trees for JCI Cebu Sinulog has become as easy as one to tree.

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation (RAFI), in partnership with JCI Cebu Sinulog, launched Puno ng Pag-asa, a virtual tree growing campaign that allows JCI members and biodiversity champions from all over the Philippines to purchase seedlings from the RAFI Flagship Lazada store.

Act. Restore. Sustain.

JCI Cebu Sinulog aims to virtually plant 100,000 trees with the goal of raising enough trees by the end of the year to establish one native tree nursery in Cebu. With each purchase of a native tree seedling, individuals support the sustainable tree growing and livelihood of partner farmers in Cebu.

Puno ng Pag-asa is implemented through RAFI’s One To Tree (RAFI OTT) program which offers community-based and environmentally appropriate tree growing services in order to assist in the restoration of tree cover lost. RAFI OTT actively seeks more biodiversity champions to grow native trees for a sustainable environment and improved well-being.

“We are grateful to have RAFI as our partner for our environment advocacy. It is very exciting because this is a one of a kind event since it is a virtual tree planting campaign. We are now adapting to the pandemic and this is a very unique event. We are looking forward for the success of this project and make sure that our partnership will be a successful one,” shared JCI Cebu Sinulog President Darwin Rojo. 

The country continues to face the threats of annually losing its forest cover. The Philippine Forestry Statistics reports that the country loses about 47,000 hectares each year. This significantly impacts local ecosystems, contributing to loss of biodiversity and economic activity.   

“RAFI, through its One to Tree program, is proud and happy of this partnership with JCI Cebu Sinulog. It has always been a goal in RAFI to have as many Biodiversity Champions as possible. We have a huge environmental problem and we believe it is by involving everyone that we can really make a dent in this problem,” shared Riella Mae Christa Guioguio, Chief Operating Officer of RAFI during the MOA signing on June 18, 2021.


JCI members and Biodiversity Champions can purchase Puno ng Pag-asa vouchers through the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Lazada mall. Cacao and Narra tree seedlings are available at Php. 75.00 each with proceeds of the sales going to the planting of seedling and supporting the livelihood of partner farmers of RAFI OTT.

“Through this project, individuals can support sustainable tree growing and the livelihood of our partner farmers in Cebu. Each Puno ng Pag-asa will be planted and grown in Cebu Province where our communities have limited income from fishing and farming,” said Guioguio.  

RAFI One To Tree (formerly known as RAFI Biodiversity Conservation Unit), has been active in reforestation and conservation for over two decades and has achieved a more than 80% survival rate for tree growing. RAFI OTT also assists companies in the service delivery of Environmental Compliance Certificate requirements set by the Philippine Government, as well as helping them achieve their carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation goals. 

For more information on the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI), visit www.rafi.org.ph, or  www.facebook.com/rafi.org.ph. To purchase a Puno ng Pag-asa, visit https://bit.ly/3xGyXOH