ORDC Tree-Growing Project 1 Wraps Up with Key Milestones

December 1, 2017

Oakridge Realty Development Corp. (ORDC) wrapped up its tree-growing project with RAFI One to Tree last November 2019.

ORDC and RAFI One to Tree first set out on their Tree Growing Project 1 back in December 2017. The two-year project’s initial site was supposed to be in Bagacay, Borbon but was later transferred to Mangase, Borbon. 

The donated amount of ₱ 175,470.00 yielded to 2,000 seedlings planted in over a three-hectare expanse. Even though there was only one farmer who supervised the project, he was still able to ensure the health of the seedlings with 92% survival rate. 

RAFI One to Tree lauds the efforts of ORDC in its steadfast support for our tree-growing project. But above all, credit goes to the farmer and the community that breathed life into the vision. Now that the project has wrapped up, the community was tasked to oversee the progress of the seedlings and trees. 

One to Tree, a program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., offers community-based and environmentally appropriate tree growing services.