From Fandom to Fanlanthropy: ARMY Pearls Fights for a Greener World with One To Tree

October 19, 2021

Starting with the love for their K-Pop idols, the Filipino fans of Korean boy group BTS, popularly known as ARMY PEARLS, join the global movement for climate justice as part of their philanthropic efforts. The group has been vocal about climate change, highlighting major environmental issues such as the loss of biodiversity in our Philippine forests. 

To help tackle this problem, the group, led by BTS PH – Bangtan Boys Philippines, the very first fanbase of BTS in the country, together with the different fanbases: ARMY of Cebu, ARMY BTS Davao, Universe PH, Taehgers PH, SUGA RUSH PH / Yoongi Daily PH, AllforYoongi PH, Perfect Jhope PH Galaxy Rm PH, JinKook Philippines, and Jungkook Philippines joined forces with Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. – One to Tree (RAFI-OTT) to raise funds for a mini-forest in Borbon, Cebu. 

Green Goals  

It is not the first time ARMY Pearls has used its platform for good causes. In the past years, the fandom has participated in several charity works in the Philippines.

This time, they channel their energies and resources to raise awareness for the environment and the climate crisis. With their partnership with One to Tree, the group aims to plant 1,500 native fruit-bearing trees in the said location. Not only will this help alleviate the deforestation problem faced by our country, but it can also potentially offset the 33,000 kg of carbon emissions per year and provide livelihoods for farmers in the Borbon community.   

Team Power  

Since its inception, One To Tree has advocated improving the biodiversity of our forests and slowing down harmful environmental practices to help secure a sustainable future. Sharing the same goals, ARMY Pearls chose OTT to push forward their climate advocacy as the said organization offers community-based and environmentally appropriate native tree growing services in order tassist in restoring our forest.  

Despite the overwhelming environmental concerns, the Army Pearls hopes more people will join their fight against climate change so the future generation can enjoy Kpop on a livable planet. For certain, this shared love for KPop that transcends culture and language can potentially form communities in union against the widespread issue, which is climate change.   

You can make the world a better place for our future generation by donating a tree through the Gava Gives platform.


This campaign is an initiative led by ARMY Pearls, a BTS fandom in the Philippines. This is not in any way affiliated with the official K-pop Group BTS nor any of their organizations.