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Simple Steps for Greater Biodiversity

About RAFI One to Tree

Nurturing and growing native trees today for a sustainable tomorrow.

Many years of deforestation and illegal logging have negatively affected our native ecosystem. Wildlife species have significantly dwindled in number, cases of erosion have remained prevalent in flood-prone areas, and instances of forest destruction have increased.

But simple actions can make greater changes. It starts with one, two, tree...

RAFI One to Tree was born out of the goal to slow down the effects of these harmful practices and revive biodiversity in the Philippines. We house a dedicated team of native tree growing advocates who support our goals in growing native trees for a more sustainable future.

We partner with businesses and communities to offer community-based and environmentally appropriate native tree growing services in order to assist in restoring the tree cover lost. We have expanded our operations to the outskirts of Central Visayas, and soon we would like to take our projects further to cover the entire country.

Are you ready to take part in the One to Tree journey?

Our Advocacies

Over 10 Years in Native Tree Growing
Going Back to Native

Native trees provide a better flora to the area around them, support endangered and other wildlife species, and offer stronger hold on the ground which impedes erosion.

Enhanced Survival Rates

Our expert team of foresters marries the best practices in forestry along with hands-on periodic maintenance and monitoring of every project to enhance seedling survival.

Prosperous Community Partnerships

Our tree-growing projects not only support our main advocacy of native tree growing, but they support the livelihoods of the individuals and groups that we work with as well.

Active Student Involvement

Together with our partners, we are doing our part in integrating the habit and appreciation of growing native trees to the education of young students.


Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

Building a business that revolves around transforming lives was the vision that drove Don Ramon Aboitiz to establish the foundation. Started in 1966, the foundation has come a long way – from simple acts of charity, to a more systematic, institutionalized response to societal needs, evolving as the prime moves of societal change and development.

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit organization with the strategic goal of creating happy and livable communities with high levels of well-being through a comprehensive approach that champions best practices in community development

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